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Senko at a Glance

As a "logistics information company", that helps improve the efficiency of supply chain management (SCM), Senko provides customers with optimal distribution solutions with systems that integrate information technology.
By helping our customers solve a variety of supply chain issues, we are promoting business activity that contributes to the development of our society.

Senko's Historical Roots


Today's Senko has its roots in Tomita Shokai a company that was established in 1916. This company specialized in handling logistics for Nippon Chisso Hiryo, one of the pre-war chemical konzerns.

In 1941, Tomita Shokai became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Chisso Hiryo and changed its name to Nicchitsu Unyu. The company grew as it became involved in a wide variety of activities ranging from procuring factory materials and supplies, handling work inside factories and transporting finished products. However, after the end of WWII Nippon Chisso Hiryo was broken up as part of the dismantling of Japan's zaibatsu business conglomerates, and Nicchitsu Unyu was also dissolved.

[pic] Nippon Chisso Hiryo company emblem

In July 1946, employees of the former Nicchitsu Unyu came together to establish a new company, Senko Unyu. The name of the new company referred to the revival the old Nippon Chisso Hiryo's mark, the Japanese rising sun displayed on a folding fan.

In 1973 the company made another leap, changing its name to simply Senko (written phonetically), arriving at our current name.

Where We Excel

Senko develops products and services that address our customers' varied needs by taking advantage of our capabilities in building proprietary systems and in managing logistics operations.

Particularly when it comes to logistics operations, with an emphasis on safety and compliance, we offer services that are backed by the expertise that we have accumulated through long years of experience and by our systematic logistics technologies.


We provide optimal physical distribution solutions to customers in mainly the following business areas:

  • Our "Retail Logistics Business" , offers the efficient systems and accurate product management needed to supply the stores operated by our consumer-facing customers, such as chain stores and their suppliers, with the products they need, when they need them
  • Our "Housing Logistics Business", has accumulated expertise through a shared history of more than 40 years with Japan's prefabricated housing industry
  • Our "Chemicals Logistics Business" has established a record of being deeply involved in distribution within our customers' manufacturing facilities

What we aspire

Senko aspires to be a "logistics information company".

A "logistics information company" is a company that handles the entire "distribution function" for its customers, from procurement to sales, including data and commercial distribution.

To make this "logistics information company" vision a reality, Senko is pursing the following initiatives, with expanding and enhancing three functions (physical distribution, data, and commercial distribution) as the main pillars of this effort.

【Physical distribution】

  • We address our customers' supply chain needs in every area of physical distribution, ranging from procurement to delivery to the final consumer
  • We are strengthening our international distribution capabilities in order to support our customers' efforts to build global SCM systems
  • We are strengthening and enhancing various distribution functions, including transportation and storage


  • From information systems at the distribution engineering level we have created information systems that encompass SCM as a whole and commercial distribution

【Commercial distribution】

  • Factoring and settlement functions
  • Purchasing/order placement functions
  • Order processing functions

With respect to physical distribution, we are also moving into domestic and international trading.

Using our traditional physical distribution activities as a foundation, Senko aims to create and offer new value that goes beyond the conventional physical distribution framework.

3PL by Senko

Senko's efforts in the field of logistics consulting date back to the 1970s.
In tackling a variety of distribution issues by becoming integrated with our customers' business activities, we sought to play a role as a "system distribution company".

By taking advantage of the expertise we have gained through more than 40 years of experience, Senko has now become a "third party logistics" (3PL) company that can take on every task associated with the construction and operation of supply chain management systems for our customers.

3PL services are now the industry trend, ranging in form from services that combine various physical distribution functions such as transport and storage to the complete outsourcing of distribution tasks, including the operation of distribution centers.

Senko's 3PL services do not end with this sort of comprehensive physical distribution service.
With our logistics consulting services as a basis, we offer logistics solutions that incorporate supply chain data services as well as commercial distribution functions such as the operation of order processing centers and payment collection.

As a full outsourcing company that helps customers to optimize their entire supply chain, including taking over the operations of a distribution department, Senko aims to create new value that goes beyond the conventional distribution framework.

[pic](Source: Nikkei Ryutsu Shimbun, March 3, 2010)

Senko's on-site capabilities

The Crefeel Koto, opened in 1996, is a distribution and traffic safety education and training center offering hands-on experience that covers a total of 270,000 square meters.

Senko believes that the on-site capabilities (genba ryoku) underpinning the distribution services that address our customers' needs are capabilities that also reinforce productivity and product quality.

Because we believe that fostering professional human resources with in-depth business knowledge is the basis for developing a business that lifts these capabilities day by day, Senko places a high priority on education and training.

Senko operates our Crefeel Koto general traffic and distribution training facility with the aim of passing down and further advancing the distribution technology that we have developed through our operations.

Crefeel Koto has one of Japan's largest traffic safety and distribution technology education and training facilities.

Crefeel Koto is our core facility for giving the people who will be in charge of Senko's future a venue where they can exercise their creativity and tackle new challenges, so it is a symbol of Senko's eagerness to foster our people.