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As an organization that conducts business activities in communities and on highways, the SENKO Group is dedicated to the social mission of protecting the environment and promoting safe driving. In addition, based on the recognition that a company depends above all on its people, the SENKO Group is committed to providing employees with a pleasant working environment where they can perform their jobs with confidence.

CSR management at the SENKO Group is centered on three elements: compliance with laws and regulations; protecting the environment; and placing priority on safety. By adopting this stance, the group is determined to fulfill its social obligations, contribute to protecting the environment, and further improve safety and quality in its operations. The objective is to use this commitment to achieve sustained growth while coexisting with society.

An explanation of the basic thinking behind the activities of the SENKO Group

What the SENKO Group is doing to lower its environmental impact

How the SENKO Group maintains and enhances workplace safety and hygiene

The SENKO Group is dedicated to providing a pleasant workplace for all employees

What the SENKO Group is supporting customer’s business

CSR activities in the communities that are served by the SENKO Group

The SENKO Group’s approach to corporate governance and the governance organization

Introduction of the CSR Promotion Comittee

SENKO Group certifications associated with CSR

An overview of awards and other recognition for CSR activities