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Logistics Solution Services

Combining Logistics Operation with IT, Senko supports solution for all of your SCM challenges

Senko's Logistics solution services, which combine high quality logistics operations with IT, meet your solution needs in supply chain management by such as providing with wide variety of functions including supply chain related information.


By means of a seamless domestic and overseas logistics system and provision of timely supply chain information, we build and operate logistics meeting your needs.

By means of modal shift proposals whereby medium/long distance freight transport alternates among a combination of truck, rail and marine configurations, we support greater transport efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission volume.

Leveraging its high-performance digitized network, we propose to your optimum comprehensive logistics systems, and strives to provide strategic logistics support for your strategic business activities.

Leveraging Senko's experience and expertise spanning more than 30 years, the "3PL Service" supports your supply chain construction and operating-related work.

For each of our customer, we combine, construct and provide optimum logistics systems.