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Healthcare and Nursing Care

Global logistics from procurement to sales and the expertise to handle customer's outsourced tasks. A full-line of services to improve distribution efficiency and quality.

Logistics services for the healthcare indusry

Access to healthcare products can mean the difference between life and death. We draw on expertise gained from many fields to deliver reliable logistics services to client companies in the healthcare sector.

Distribution services for hospitals

Inventory standards and minimum units for placing orders are established for each ward of a hospital so that all items can be delivered in single shipments on a regular schedule to every department. This approach cuts inventory losses and improves the efficiency of receiving supplies. SENKO can also transport hospital linens like sheets and towels to and from laundry facilities and collect used products. By handling the oversight of all medical supplies in a hospital, we allow hospitals to focus more of their resources on the provision of healthcare services.

Logistics services for manufacturers of healthcare products

SENKO transports products from factories to storage facilities all over Japan. Services also include centralized management of nationwide inventory data. This system helps keep merchandise in stock at these facilities and provides for emergency restocking shipments on a 24-hour basis. Product quality management includes the oversight of expiration dates for usage and sterilization expiration data management, shipments records needed for traceability, and other activities. Comprehensive support for distribution operations is another element of these services. We can handle imports, exports and deliveries of healthcare products, operate order processing centers for customers and perform many other services.

Logistics services for the nursing home industry

At SENKO, logistics for nursing home products like beds and wheelchairs is based on partnerships with customers in the nursing home business. We have jointly developed with customers an operations and management system that utilizes IC tag technology. We have the knowledge to distribute many types of nursing care products efficiently and maintain a reliable supply of quality products.


Logistics Sales division

East Japan
TEL : 03-5730-7002

Middle Japan
TEL : 052-565-6801

West Japan [Kansai Area]
TEL : 06-6440-5167

[Kyushu Area]
TEL : 092-641-7511

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