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Housing, Construction

Homes and Homebuilding Materials

Higher quality and lower overall cost by using streamlined transportation channels and an advanced logistics IT system

By growing along with Japan's manufactured home industry, SENKO now serves many of Japan's leading suppliers of prefabricated houses. No logistics company in the country has more experience or know-how in this field. This expertise allows us to meet a broad range of needs involving supply chain management.

A great deal of experience for many years in logistics for all homebuilding materials necessary for home construction

It is said that there are more than 60 thousands of parts necessary for a house building.
SENKO has know-how in logistics for all variety of homebuilding materials and to respond to your logistics needs.

Just-in-time deliveries improve efficiency and quality

SENKO can provide just-in-time deliveries of structural elements and interior building materials to match the progress of construction. Timely delivery of materials reduces time used for moving or locating materials. The resulting decline in time needed to complete a project can greatly lower the cost of construction.

Fully integrated joint logistics services from procurement to delivery

SENKO uses a joint transport system that combines logistics operations of home manufacturers and building material suppliers.
The joint transport of cargo raises efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of distribution activities

  • SENKO can also perform processing and packaging tasks
  • SENKO can comply with many customer instructions for delivery terms

The best possible transportation network and distribution routes

Locations of construction sites are constantly changing.
With about 300 distribution bases throughout Japan, SENKO can use its large volume of work for homebuilding materials to create the best possible distribution routes and cargo transportation methods. We welcome requests to determine if an existing distribution route can be improved in any way.

Returnable packaging for home interior materials

SENKO uses returnable packaging materials, pallets, plastic cartons, collapsible containers and other materials for shipments to help achieve “zero emissions” at construction sites. For returnable packaging materials, we attach IC tags so that shipments can be closely supervised.


Housing Distribution Sales Division

East and Middle Japan
TEL : 03-5730-7018

West Japan [Kansai / Kyushu]
TEL : 06-6440-5149

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Building Materials for General Contractors

The best ideas for construction logistics. Expertise ranging from transporting long and heavy materials like steel beams to providing integrated international transport services.

SENKO uses knowledge gained from prefabricated home logistics to provide optimized delivery services for building interior materials to large construction sites. We also use this expertise to supply integrated transport services needed for procuring materials from overseas.

Separation of materials and works, and centralized purchasing

Expertise in prefabricated home logistics gives SENKO the ability to create the best possible proposals for transporting building interior materials to large construction sites. We deliver construction materials in combined shipments, which is much more efficient than the previous practice of having each supplier delivered its own materials. Using this method lowers total logistics expenses by cutting the frequency of shipments and long-distance hauling.
reducing waiting time at construction sites and the amount of work needed to unload incoming shipments. Combined deliveries also help protect the environment.

Integrated transport for imported materials

A fully integrated lineup of support for each step from transport from overseas factories to delivery to a construction site in Japan

Transport of large construction materials

Heavy objects
Steel beams and other components, precast concrete, leased equipments and other materials
Long and large objects
Long and large objects
Autoclaved lightweight concrete objects
Exterior walls, roofs, floor panels and other materials
Imported materials
Fully integrated transport from overseas factory to construction site in Japan


Housing Distribution Sales Division

East and Middle Japan
TEL : 03-5730-7018

West Japan [Kansai・Kyushu]
TEL : 06-6440-5149

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