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Using many years of experience to improve the quality and efficiency of logistics for chemicals

Transporting chemicals demands the highest levels of logistics quality and product quality assurance. Logistics for chemicals also requires the ability to respond to growing needs involving the environmental protection. SENKO has expertise in chemical logistics that dates back to the company's inception more than 90 years ago. We leverage this knowledge to assemble an outstanding package of logistics services for the needs of each customer. Furthermore, our services contribute to better product quality, higher efficiency and protecting the environment.

Inventory-free logistics system

With this logistics system, chemicals transported on main lines go directly to a wholesaling, sorting, storage or delivery company for use. Nothing is held as inventory. This cuts the cost of logistics and improves services.

Liquid ISO container logistics system

This transport system uses containers that conform to ISO standards in order to improve efficiency and maintain consistently high quality of chemicals.

Bulk container logistics system

Chemicals are transported in 20-foot “bulk containers” that are sealed after filling at the factory to prevent contact with the atmosphere. Sealed transport shuts out impurities and guarantees that quality is maintained. Containers are used for rail and sea transport as well, which contributes to protecting the environment. Furthermore, large transport lots can be used to cut transport and handling costs.

Joint transport system

SENKO's chemical transfer center is a logistics base that specializes in chemicals. With an expansive all-weather loading and unloading area, this center can perform joint deliveries and other operations efficiently.

Total support cuts costs, 3PL service backs up customers' logistics

SENKO has the know-how to handle every link of supply chain management operations. We can process incoming orders, perform tasks for customers' logistics departments, perform services at factories, deliver goods and provide other services.

SENKO also has a complete selection of global logistics services beginning with export and import operations.

Bulk Container Logistics System

An environmentally friendly logistics system that uses 20-foot bulk containers that are sealed after being filled at a factory. Suitable for rail and sea transport, too.

SENKO has an integrated logistics system for resins that uses dedicated bulk containers. Our logistics services span the entire distribution process from filling containers and placing chemicals in silos to the supervision of empty containers and supplying containers to factories. We use many modes of transportation: trains, ships and trucks. Using containerships for integrated sea-land transport (marine round transport system) lowers transportation costs and protects the environment.
Our vehicles include high-lift coupler trucks as well as trucks with special chassis that includes a transfer of resin from containers into silos from an ordinary tractor head.

Advantages of the bulk container logistics system

More efficient operations and outstanding quality of chemicals
moving the entire container on and off a truck. Another benefit is the elimination of any need to recover, cleanse and manage materials. This lowers logistics expenses by improving efficiency. Using this logistics system has the added advantage of protecting the quality of chemicals by reducing the risk of contamination.
Big reduction in CO<Sub>2</Sub> emissions during transport
For mainline transport, SENKO uses a modal shift with sea and rail transport. CO<Sub>2</Sub> emissions are much lower than if trucks were used for the entire route.

Modes of transportation

Rail-highway transport
Container marine round transport
SENKO has yards exclusively for bulk containers to serve the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Shikoku areas. Ships used solely for these containers circulate among these yards. All yards hold a suitable volume of bulk containers at all times so that trucks used exclusively for these containers can make timely deliveries to meet demand from customers.

Easy to use

SENKO is able to supply the logistics network, information system and logistics equipment required for the logistics cycle for transporting chemicals from the supplier's silo to the customer's silo. That means customers can receive bulk containers without purchasing power supplies, blowers or any other special equipment. Furthermore, the same container can be used for many types of chemicals by changing the container liner.


A logistics service structured specifically for lubricants, a market sector with a large number of small orders

The logistics service for lubricants

  • SENKO assembles shipments by picking items for many orders and transports the cargo to an inventory-free center.
  • The inventory-free center issues forms based on delivery instructions and sorts cargo for delivery to each destination.
  • Vehicles with power gates deliver lubricants to many customers and collect empty drums.


A nationwide inventory-free distribution center network of about 30 locations

SENKO has about 30 inventory-free distribution centers that serve all areas of Japan. These centers play a major role in lowering the cost of logistics while raising the quality of services. There are also centers equipped for the storage of hazardous materials.

Services for cargo of all shapes and sizes

SENKO offers transportation services for cargo of all shapes and sizes. This includes small items like cardboard cartons and pail-size drums to large items like steel barrels and bulk containers.

Service by lubricant logistics professionals

SENKO drivers undergo training in lubricant logistics so that customers can receive services of the highest quality everywhere in Japan. These experts in the transport and handling of lubricants can assist customers achieve their strategic goals for logistics.


Chemicals Distribution Sales Division

East and Middle Japan
TEL : 03-5730-7004

West Japan [Kansai・Kyushu]
TEL : 06-6440-5166

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