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Third-party Logistics

SENKO uses its Distribution Consulting Service to provide distribution services that function as an integral part of customers' business operations. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we extend assistance for the establishment and operation of customers' supply chains through this third-party logistics service.

Our third-party logistics service frees the customer to concentrate on their core operations. The service has many elements, all backed by our long list of accomplishments in this field. We have the expertise to create proposals and operate logistics facilities in a manner that raises productivity and quality continuously. We also have the know-how to combine logistics with IT. Customers can also rely on us to consolidate their optimized operating bases with flexibility.

The Third-party Logistics Concept

SENKO uses its position as a leading third-party logistics service provider committed to building optimum logistics systems for its customers to provide core supply chain management operations for customers.

Third-party Logistics Information System Applications

Using its unique information system, as the third-party logistics service provider, Senko carries out all aspects of supply chain management operations on behalf of the client


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