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Logistics consulting

Logistics systems that form a coordinated part of our customers' strategies

Senko strives to provide its customers with strategic logistics solutions that support their corporate activities by making use of its highly computerized network to generate proposals for comprehensive logistics systems tailor-made to fit the requirements of individual customers.

Moreover, we also offer full outsourcing services providing a complete logistics framework for our customers with our 3PL (third party logistics) business.

Outline of logistics consulting services

What can be achieved with logistics consulting

  • (1) Targets and visions can be established.
  • (2) Cost reductions can be achieved.
  • (3) Quality enhancements can be implemented.
  • (4) Productivity can be enhanced.
  • (5) Inventory can be reduced.
  • (6) Improvements in employee quality can be achieved as a result.

Content of consulting

We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet customers' aims and issues including all sorts of data analysis and proposals for improvements as well as hosting seminars, etc.


  • Envisioning logistics restructurings
  • Strategic planning for logistics restructuring

Organizational enhancement

  • Facilities planning
  • Consolidating facilities, selecting the best sites and locations, etc.

  • Systems improvements
  • Software, hardware

  • Logistics control systems
  • Inventory control, outsourcing control, etc.

Site improvements

  • Warehouse improvement
  • Operating processes, deployment of necessary personnel, Layout, automation and mechanization, etc.

Logistics planning

  • Seminars and training of all kinds
  • Competitive coordination of logistics
  • Proposals for green logistics planning
  • Consulting on achieving ISO accreditation

Proper Inventory Level Simulation

SENKO can assist client companies with any of these issues.

  • Want to reduce inventory but are not sure which products to select for cuts and how much to hold?
  • Want to know techniques for determining proper inventory levels?
  • Want to use an inventory control system?
  • Want to obtain know-how concerning supply chain management?

SENKO's Proper Inventory Level Simulation

Excessive inventory and dead stock not only push up warehousing cost but also complicate warehouse operations.
On the other hand, inventory reductions can lead to product shortages and result in missed opportunities.
To address these issues effectively, Senko first implements a comprehensive inventory analysis and then estimates the proper inventory level through simulations based on the this analysis.
SENKO then combines this information with the customer's supply chain management to come up with a proposal for the best possible distribution system.

Three Benefits

  • (1) Lower inventories
  • (2) Fewer missed opportunities
  • (3) Higher efficiency of various operations
  • SENKO can quickly submit the results of an analysis after receiving performance data that meet the required conditions. We hold discussions with the client in advance to confirm the format the the data and make adjustments.
  • Inventory analysis enables a customer to ascertain the current status of their distribution system. Furthermore, by changing the parameters for service ratio and procurement lead time, a customer can simulate the most effective order timing. Senko is committed to assist its customers in the management of their businesses by helping them to reduce inventory and improve their logistics systems.

Distribution System Simulation

SENKO can help companies that have any of the following problems.

  • Need to review routes to add more distribution areas or customers.
  • Believe that the current distribution route needs to be improved
  • Certain routes are time consuming and prevent efficient vehicle operations.
  • Too much work and time is needed to review delivery routes each time delivery terms are revised.

SENKO's Distribution System Simulation will resolve these issues.

Transportation and distribution are two of the core functions of any logistics system.
Nevertheless, transportation and distribution costs are one of the constant sources of concern with regard to overall logistics costs. Furthermore, the shipper and logistics service provider must undertake joint efforts from the standpoint of protecting the environment
SENKO uses distribution simulations to offer solutions for distribution issues facing customers. This approach allows customers to create efficient distribution plans or review their existing plans.

Three Benefits

  • (1) Higher loading ratio
  • (2) Smaller size of fleet
  • (3) Lower transportation cost
  • Simulations based on a variety of parameter combinations can be implemented. These include limitations on cargo capacity, fleet size, loading time and overall time.
  • In addition to recommending the optimum fleet size, SENKO can devise optimum route plans based on the current fleet size. 。
  • SENKO can come up with a proposal even when factors such as distribution routes and cargo capacity are altered.


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