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Features of IT Solution Best Partner System (BPS)

Senko's Best Partner System is an IT Solution System that integrates the information and distribution functions. This allows building a system able for the centralized management of the entire supply chain from manufacturers to the wholesalers, retailers and end users.

Addresses customers' supply chain management issues by integrating domestic and international logistics systems

System Configuration and Features of BPS

System configuration

The Best Partner System is made up of two IT solution systems; the Logistics Solution System and Third-party Logistics Solution System. We will customize the system to provide the best possible system for each customer.


  • Supports all stages of the supply chain management process from procurement of raw materials to delivery of finished products
  • Not limited to logistics, SENKO offers a host of other supporting services on an outsourcing basis.
  • Provides inventory control and distribution data on a real time basis.

Benefits to the customer

  • (1) Ease of ordering allows customers to quickly assemble and start using a low-cost logistics system.
  • (2) Since the supply-chain data is completely transparent, distribution and product data can be checked on a real time basis.
  • (3) Building a high-precision logistics system reduces the workload and brings down logistics costs, thus significantly improving performance indicators.
  • (4) Overseas logistics and international distribution functions are on a par with those of logistics systems within Japan.


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