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Logistics Solution System

A system designed for high precision, optimized logistics operations and management

Features and Advantages

Covers all services from transportation and warehousing to management of global logistics

Comprehensive support for a customer's logistics service requirements extending from the receipt of merchandise at a warehouse and warehouse management to fleet management, vehicle assignments and data management

Makes logistics operations extremely precise and efficient

Offers efficient administration and inventory management through the use state-of-the-art equipment including hand-held terminals and RFID

Offers industry and business-specific packages
Enable a quick shift to a low-cost logistics operation.

SENKO offers logistics service packages designed specifically for individual industries and businesses. The packages can be customized to optimize each customer's logistics operations.

Structure of Logistic Solution System

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Covers all stages of operations from warehouse arrival to inventory optimization, transparency and management of merchandise handling in warehouses

  • Barcode Logistics System
  • SCM label Issuing System
  • Wireless hand-held terminal control system
  • Suggestive Ordering system
  • TCâ… system
  • TCâ…¡system
  • Cross Document DC system
  • DC System
  • Perishable and Expiration Date Control
  • ID number control system
  • Internet Reporting System
  • Merchandise Placement System
  • Documentation Management System

Transport Management System (TMS)

TMS comprehensively optimizes the allocation of transport vehicles and manages cargo movements.

  • Vehicle Allocation Support System (simulation system for vehicle allocation)
  • Internet Cargo-Vehicle Matching System
  • Internet Cargo Tracking System
  • GPS Delivery Management System
  • Cellphone Information System (for delivery completion)

Global and Marine Logistics Management System (G&M)

Comprehensive distribution system linking overseas bases and Japan.
Used in combination with our SCEM system (which monitors storage and distribution across the entire supply chain, from procurement in Japan and abroad, to the end user), G&M supports our customers' global business development.


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