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The Senko's Advantage

Senko's strength lies in our ability to provide comprehensive services ranging from consulting services to system design/administration and operations

Logistic Proposal


One of Senko's primary strengths is our ability to present improvement solutions through our logistics consulting services.

With the kind of in-depth knowledge of business practices and product features that is found only among industry insiders, our logistics consultants present the optimal platforms for meeting our customers' needs, based on interviews and data analysis.

Senko has a track record of addressing our customers' various needs, from making logistics more efficient to improving product quality.

Operational Management of Sites


On site at Senko, our employees and part-timers are enhancing productivity by adhering to productivity benchmarks in their day-to-day tasks.
We are also taking the wide-ranging logistics technologies that we have accumulated over many years and sharing these across the entire Senko Group through our educational and training programs and further developing them into even higher value-added technologies.

In order to address the increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs of our customers, Senko is offering high-quality logistics systems at a low cost, while at the same time further expanding the services offered at our sites, thereby providing new value to our customers.

Information Technology


At Senko we develop and operate our own logistics information systems.
We have designed and operated these systems by becoming integrated with our customers' business activities and looking at mechanisms from their point of view.

Through mechanisms that bring about speed and accuracy in day-to-day logistics operations, we can do everything from providing supply chain data (including data from overseas) up to managing product quality, administering inventory control, and even commercial distribution functions.

Senko offers our customers services that combine various modes of transportation, distribution processes and other related services, and information systems play a decisive role in this.

Response to Global Logistics


Senko serves customers with a broad lineup of land, sea and air transport along with advanced distribution centers in Japan and other countries. Our logistics support takes into account the characteristics and volume of merchandise, distance that goods are transported, urgency of lead times, and many other factors. This expertise allows us to perform logistics operations that utilize the ideal transportation modes and storage and distribution bases for each requirement.

Senko is highly experienced in the provision of fully integrated logistics services covering Japan and other countries. We are also skilled in distribution processes, logistics management and many other services. This is why customers can rely on us for overseas services with the same outstanding quality of the services we provide in Japan.