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Integrated Retail Logistics (Distribution Centers)

Multi-Functional Warehouses in Strategic Locations

Not only does Senko provide the warehouse space its customers need - its warehouses are fully functional and located in key distribution areas, providing support for customer sales activities such as delivery functions, distribution, and information processing.

A Group of Multi-Functional Warehouses in Key Locations in home and abroad, Totaling Approximately 2 million Square Meters

The PD Center, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including ample space for storage, handling, and distribution; VAN terminals for real-time information management of distribution and order processing activities; and a tenant office, completely eliminates the old warehouse facility image. Our total storage space of multi-functional warehouses such as PD Center is approximately 2 million square meters currently, whose scale is top-class in domestic, and the number of facilities continues to grow.

A Turn-Key System for Controlling Distribution Efficiency

The multi-functional warehouses, starting with the PD center, are designed to build a connection between the distribution and sales functions of a wide variety of customers. This system provides a comprehensive service, from storage to distribution and delivery, throughout the country.

Providing the Most Appropriate Delivery System at Each Stage

We support the sales activities of our customers by allowing them to select the delivery service which best matches their needs, including proper lot sizes, delivery distances, and lead times.

Providing an EDP System with the Best Partner System at the Core

We provide accurate information in real time for the perfect match of inventory flow and distribution. With the Best Partner System at the core, we are able to support the management strategy of your company through the proper application of the information processing function.