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Truck Transport

Using our nationwide network, we offer optimal trucking services

With the aid of our finely meshed network of distribution hubs spanning Japan, we offer our customers distribution and delivery services that match their merchandise and distribution structure. Other services are information-related, such as Internet-based cargo tracking and cargo-vehicle matching.

Senko's Joint Distribution Network

We have established a nationwide distribution network. We also offer Internet-based cargo-vehicle matching services.

Railway Forwarding

In cooperation with Japan Freight Railway Corporation, we offer environmental friendly, efficient door-to-door transport

Railway forwarding is attracting attention as the core component of multi-modal transport, and a way to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion resulting from truck transport.

We have combined JR Freight Railway Corporation's services with our trucking operations to create a door-to-door distribution system which offers high-speed punctual delivery, notably for large-lot cargo. By using containers (such as railway containers and tank containers), we are utilizing the seamless transition from rail to truck, for a versatile transport system. This makes its possible to pursue distribution efficiency, as well as environmental preservation.

Responding to our customers' needs, with a top record in the industry

We provide a large variety of container sizes and functions, in order to meet our customers' expectations, whatever they may be. This setup has made us the second largest user of railway freight services (based on FY 2000 sales). We support our customers' logistics with this performance record and the know-how we have acquired.

Our Railway Forwarding Network

We offer comprehensive door-to-door transport services, using railway forwarding among Japan Freight Railway Corporation's 27 freight terminals in Japan, and truck delivery to the users.

Cargo Tracking Using the Railway Web Service

We are a member of the Railway Web Service. This service makes it possible to confirm, by Internet, transport information on railway containers. Thus our customers can receive real-time information on the cargo transport.

We also provide information on carbon dioxide emissions, which are lower than with full truck transport. This supports our customers' efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their business activities.

Marine Transport

Senko Supports your Promotion of Modalshift by Variety of Ships

Cargo Ship

  • The most popular ship among conventional types
  • Most suitable for the transport of steel, resins, paper, pulp, and bulky cargo
  • For transport lots of 500 to 1,500 tons

Consolidated Service (Liner Service)

  • Vessel that Roads pallet cargo at plural shipper with Liner service
  • Capable of carrying lots of any size according to the needs of the customer

Tanker Ship

  • A ship used for the purpose of transporting liquid products such as crude oil, chemicals, etc.
  • Various types exist in order to respond to the special characteristics or danger levels of the products being transported

RORO Ship/Ferry

  • Loaded only with trailer chassis; No-Driver operation
  • Loaded only with trailer chassis; No-Driver operation
  • A transportation method in which the flexible action of the truck is combined with the large capacity and inexpensive cost of the ship

Modal Shift through the Utilization of the RORO Ships and Long-Distance Car Ferry

Since orders can be made in single vehicle units, as in the case of truck orders, this method combines a door-to-door delivery function with an inexpensive form of marine transportation.

Compared to general cargo ships, these have a shorter lead-time and also provide the opportunity for transporting small lots.

Additionally, since the cargo can be moved either across land, or from ship to ship, while loaded as is, there is no cargo damage and no delays due to loading and unloading on the count of weather conditions.

Air Transport

At Senko, we provide extremely rapid air transport services to all areas of Japan through our network of business partnerships with air transport agencies

Same-day Express Delivery

Delivery on the same day as collection

  • By making us of the convenience of air transport links, we are able to provide a same-day delivery service to all areas of Japan.
  • We deliver items on the same day that we collect them from the customer mainly to major cities such as Sapporo, Osaka, Komatsu, Fukuoka and Okinawa.
  • Moreover, we supply same-day delivery services to other cities as well, in association with Senko charter flights to the nearest airport.

Express Delivery to Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kinki, Chugoku and Kyushu

Delivery in the morning of the day following collection

  • We are able to provide delivery service on the morning of the day after collection to Hokkaido, all seven prefectures in Kyushu, the four prefectures in Shikoku, both metropolitan prefectures and the other five prefectures in the Kinki region and the five prefectures in Chugoku by combining cargo shipments to multiple addressees into single flights at a discounted rate per unit.
  • The effect of the reductions in costs and delivery lead-times are particularly pronounced for regularly routed services to areas in which deliveries are made two days after the collection of the items to be delivered.

Special Express Delivery for Cargo Lots

The cost of sending cargo weighing 500kg and over by air can be very expensive in comparison to other modes of transport but clients have the option of choosing our reasonably priced transport service which offers delivery of their items, packed in specialized containers specifically designed for use in aircraft, at specified times on the same day or the following day.
Moreover, we supply reasonably priced delivery services for goods nationwide every day, by making use of Senko Group charter flights to provide a special express delivery service by air.
Senko is able to provide a speedier transport service to countries worldwide as a result of its business links with Hankyu Hanshin Express Co., Ltd. in international air transport.
The Group has a particularly strong network in China as well as an extensive European network and so it is able to provide a finely-tuned service in these regions.

Please also make use of our transport service into Japan from several countries.

International Air Transport

We are involved in transporting cargo to countries worldwide by air. We provide speedy and reasonably-priced fully-integrated solutions for transporting samples, precision equipment and other freight items covering every stage of the process from packing through customs clearance to local delivery at the location. We use our own Senko Group cargo flights for deliveries of cargo within Japan.


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